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The term Girlfriend has been around since 1863, and was ordinarily utilized around then to depict a lady’s female companion. after 60 years the importance had moved to depict somebody’s sentimental accomplice. Lady friends’ day commends these implications and everything in the middle of, and we have a couple of recommendations about how to make that day significant for you and your Girlfriend, whatever the importance.

1. Return to old conventions –

Everything began some place, and Girlfriends’ Day is your chance to respect those beginnings. Regardless of whether it was the blooming of sentiment in an old coffee shop, or the Haagen-Dazs and thrillers that were the establishment of a fellowship that would outlive a thousand sentiments, do it once more.

2. Stir The Fires –

Each relationship requires support, and Girlfriends’ Day is an extraordinary time to design a little shock. Get out into the field for a cookout or take her climbing to remote spots, something that will move you nearer and make some incredible memories. Gatherings are constantly fun as well, so have your sweethearts get together for an early lunch and martini day, and make some incredible memories getting up to speed.

3. Make New Friends –

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a sentimental accomplice to impart your life to, or have been pondering about that calm new young lady in the workplace, open the entryways to an extraordinary new relationship. Put yourself out there and ask that young lady you’ve been pining over out to espresso, or welcome the divider bloom at the workplace out for drinks with the young ladies from the workplace.

4. Thelma and Louise It! –

Alright, most likely best that you leave the bit toward the end out, no compelling reason to go driving over a bluff with your closest companion. It’s sentimental and inspiring in its own particular manner, however the drawbacks are somewhat calamitous. In any case, having a fabulous experience with your better half is an incredible method to move you ever nearer.

Keep in mind And Celebrate Them!

Nothing looks at to having an incredible sweetheart in your life, and that is valid in both the sentimental and kinship sense. Once in a while nobody very gets the hardships you’re confronting or how to best observe you through them like that colored in the fleece sweetheart that has been there through various challenges.

They’re your comrades, your team promoters, and some of the time your mentor to lift your butt up and get you as the day progressed. Lady friends’ Day is the day to recall and respect all that you’ve experienced and reaffirming that you’ll generally be there for one another.

How Many Weeks is a Month

Are there 4 weeks in a month?

How Many Weeks is a Month

Well, Months have different lengths: If the Month has 30 Days, then it has 4 Weeks and 2 Days. If the Month has 31 Days, then it has 4 Weeks and 3 Days. February has exactly 4 weeks, except in a Leap Year it has 4 weeks and 1 Day

What is the average number of weeks in a month?
So you could also use 4.4 weeks or 4.1 weeks or 4.0 weeks, using different math. One month = 31 days is 31/7 = 4.43 weeks. Of course there are shorter months 30/7 = 4.285 weeks. Using weighted averages I get 52.4 weeks per year and that is 4.37 when divided by 12.
How many weeks are in each month 2019?
There are 52 weeks in 2019.
Is there 5 weeks in a month?
Weekly Paychecks

If you are paid weekly, each of the years from 2019 through 2029 has at least four months containing five weeks. … 2019: March, May, August, November. 2020: January, May, July, October. 2021: January, April, July, October, December.

How many Weeks are in a Month?

How Many Weeks is a Month

How Many Weeks is a Month

How Many Weeks is a Month calculation

For 31 days in a month:

(31 days) / (7 days/week) = 4.4286 weeks = 4 weeks + 3 days

For 30 days in a month:

(30 days) / (7 days/week) = 4.2857 weeks = 4 weeks + 2 days

For 28 days in a month:

(28 days) / (7 days/week) = 4 weeks

For 29 days in a month:

(29 days) / (7 days/week) = 4.1429 weeks = 4 weeks + 1 day

Weeks in a month table

# Month
1 January 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days
2 February 28 days (common year)
29 days (leap year)
4 weeks
4 weeks + 1 day
3 March 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days
4 April 30 days 4 weeks + 2 days
5 May 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days
6 June 30 days 4 weeks + 2 days
7 July 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days
8 August 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days
9 September 30 days 4 weeks + 2 days
10 October 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days
11 November 30 days 4 weeks + 2 days
12 December 31 days 4 weeks + 3 days

Mg to Ml

Weeks in Year

Week Number Calendar

The year 2019 is not a leap year. It has 52 weeks and starts on Tuesday, January 1st 2019. The Year 2019 ends on Tuesday, December 31st 2019. This Page shows a calendar with calendar week numbers

week number calendar


Week Number Calendar

Week Number Calendar When you have to add an explosion of flavor to something when you’re cooking, what’s the main thing you go after? In the event that you said salt you’re a long way from being distant from everyone else, salt is known to improve flavors and add a pleasant burst to even tasteless suppers. In the event that you said hot sauce, approach my home, we have a care group (Mostly including loads of various hot sauces and things to put them on). More Herbs, Less Salt Day was set up to persuade individuals that salt isn’t the best way to include a great deal of inconceivably flavor to a feast. Particularly significant when one considers the way that a high salt admission has been appeared to have numerous hindering consequences for your wellbeing.

New Year Wishes for Friends

How would I utilize More Herbs Then?

Happy you inquired! We’re going to give you a few proposals of the kinds of herbs you can get that are simple and dynamic, ready to be applied to nearly anything with tasty results! Surprisingly better, there are medical advantages to these straightforward fixings, so your nourishment will taste extraordinary and be better for you as well!

Garlic – Garlic is effectively one of the most mainstream and delectable herbs you can add to nearly anything. Include a few, powdered or new, to your cheeseburgers for a delectable increase in flavor, or sprinkle it in your soup to give it an exquisite kick your taste buds will cherish.

Month in week

Nutmeg – This one is somewhat strange, yet has applications in an astounding number of nourishment applications. Alton Brown depends on it as a method for making even the most noticeably awful espresso satisfactory, and conveys it with him wherever in the event of some unforeseen issue.Week Number CalendarWeek Number Calendar

Curry Powder – One of the central flavors of Indian food, Curry powder makes chicken and steak totally wonderful. Be cautious however, a lot of it can include a serious kick!Week Number Calendar

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme – Yes indeed, actually four fixings, however these are incredible with poultry, sprinkled in soups or plates of mixed greens, and our undisputed top choice is to sprinkle it outwardly of a flame broiled cheddar sandwich. We lean toward it cooked outwardly, however you can likewise sprinkle it in the sandwich for an incredible flavor.

These 4 (alright 7) herbs will remain in as an extraordinary swap for salt as a rule, or they can be utilized to eliminate the measure of salt you’re utilizing. Salt upgrades all flavors, including those of these herbs, so a smidgen can go far to helping these sneak up suddenly.

how many weeks in a year and a half

In the event that like me you love books. I have many that are on my rack and in my Kindle library that I still can’t seem to peruse. Be that as it may, despite everything I don’t have a clue what to peruse straightaway. A great deal of this comes down to the state of mind that I am in. I will in general bob around a couple of classes of books. What I do discover troublesome is perusing a lot of one class. Thus, I have various arrangements of arrangement of books to go between. I’m going to impart to you my arrangements of books that I might want to get wrapped up before the current year’s over, fingers crossed.


I love a decent dream book. Sword and witchcraft have consistently spoke to me and one arrangement of books have been deriding me from my rack. That is the Mistborn set of three by Brandon Sanderson. Presently, my better half has perused these and adores them, he will peruse whatever Brandon puts out. I, be that as it may, have attempted to peruse the first of this arrangement a couple of times and presently can’t seem to crush its spirit. One day *shakes fist* I will complete this arrangement.

The different arrangement of books that I might want to wrap up before the current year’s over, I should hurry up, is the Nightside books. These are by Simon R Green, With the fundamental character of John Taylor there are some astounding ideas in these books, or so I have been told, again spouse has perused these and cherished them. I truly delighted in the first Into the Nightside yet I just never got the others, not entirly sure why. Look at them and thank the spouse later.

Science fiction

I potentially love science fiction all the more at that point dream. I am a tech nerd I love innovation and how it is creating. The arrangement of books that I have in this classification is a progression of books that kinda broke me when I read the initial not many and you will recognize what I mean in the event that you have perused these. The creator Terry Schott, The Game Is Life arrangement. Goodness, you have understood this, the finish of Brandon Interlude, better believe it that broke me, didn’t see it coming by any means, that Terry. I LOVE these books and I truly need to realize what happens to Drew toward the finish of these. In this way, when I have to scratch that science fiction tingle postulations are the books that I will go.

The other science fiction arrangement that I might very want to complete is the Foundation arrangement by Issac Asimov. One of the best science fiction scholars, as I would like to think. I got lucky when I got these as I paid £5 for the entire arrangement of books. Truly they are a smidgen beat up, yet, isn’t that why we love books. I should caution however in the event that you are not used to old science fiction, at that point get ready yourself as it tends to be troublesome on occasion.

Verifiable Fiction

Wager you didn’t see that coming. Must have this in the blend as the other two may be, now and again, somewhat overwhelming. So in this, I have a creator that I have in the previous year began to look all starry eyed at, Philippa Gregory. In the UK we will in general have History exercises at school spread either The War (pick one) or the Tudors. Gracious the Tudors, Philippa has an extraordinary method for consolidating simply enough history for you to know where in the authentic course of events you are. What’s more, simply enough fiction to keep you engaged. I likewise recommend perusing it in timetable request also, it will bode well from a sequential perspective.

Along these lines, that is my mammoth understanding rundown. Also the remainder of the books sat on my rack holding on to be perused. What will you read today? Also, what will you

how many weeks in a leap year

In this way, it’s not something that we generally need to discuss yet it is a piece of life. What’s more, we as a whole need to manage it sooner or later in our lives. Since a youthful age, I have praised this occasion in some structure, not realize that there was an occasion about it. Right up ’til today regardless I do it. I am going to include an admonition that I am not strict and I have nothing against those that are. I do this more out of regard to the individual than for a strict explanation.

I have gone here there and all over the place, and there are as yet a couple of spots on my rundown to visit. Be that as it may, in the event that I am in a city and I happen to visit a congregation, for the engineering, not for supplication. I will consistently and I mean consistently give and light a flame for those that have gone in my family.

From the outset, I did this as an approach to assist that with churching proceed and it was a path for me to take several minutes to recall those that have stuck. Despite the fact that since I am getting more seasoned I have more names to recall, that doesn’t prevent me from setting aside the effort to light a flame and simply go through those names in my mind. Thus, regardless of where you are on the planet take that time and light a flame and recall those individuals throughout your life that are no longer there. Likewise, set aside the effort to value those that are still with you and are only a telephone summon!

Week Month

To transform a week measurement to a month analysis, multiply the time by the exchange ratio. One week is equal to 0.229984 months, so use this simple formula to convert:
months = weeks × 0.229984
The time in months is equal to the weeks multiplied by 0.229984.

For example, here’s how to convert 5 weeks to months using the formula above.

5 wk = (5 × 0.229984) = 1.149921 mo




One week is seven days. The next days are a part of a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Weeks can be abbreviated as wk; for example, one week can be written as 1 wk.

Week Month Months

One month is a unit of time equivalent to 1/12 of a year. A month is a unit of time used on a calendar and scales in length from 28 to 31 days.

Months can be abbreviated as mo, for example, 1 month can be written as 1 mo.

A predefined list of weeks months conversions

Pregnant women often wonder what number of months corresponds to the given number of weeks. Below you can see a list of conversions from week to month number. If an interesting number of weeks is not present, you can simply use the calculator above.

How many weeks in 1 month?

The answer is 4.348125.
We assume you are converting between a week and Gregorian month.
You can view more details on each measurement unit:

Week Month List

  • 8 weeks is 1 and 3/4 (three quarters) month
  • 9 weeks is 2 months
  • 10 weeks is 2 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 11 weeks is 2 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 12 weeks is 2 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 13 weeks is 3 months
  • 14 weeks is 3 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 15 weeks is 3 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 16 weeks is 3 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 17 weeks is 4 months
  • 18 weeks is 4 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 19 weeks is 4 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 20 weeks is 4 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 21 weeks is 4 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 22 weeks is 5 months
  • 23 weeks is 5 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 24 weeks is 5 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 25 weeks is 5 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 26 weeks is 6 months
  • 27 weeks is 6 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 28 weeks is 6 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 29 weeks is 6 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 30 weeks is 7 months
  • 31 weeks is 7 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 32 weeks is 7 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 33 weeks is 7 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 34 weeks is 7 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 35 weeks is 8 months
  • 36 weeks is 8 and 1/4 (quarter) months
  • 37 weeks is 8 and 1/2 (half) months
  • 38 weeks is 8 and 3/4 (three quarters) months
  • 39 weeks is 9 months
  • 40 weeks is 9 and 1/4 (quarter) months


How to convert weeks to months?

Week Month The number of weeks in a common Gregorian year equals about 52.18 weeks (365.25 days divided by 7), and the number of weeks in a normal month is close to 4.35. Hence, when working weeks to month calculations it is not enough to simply believe that a month equals four weeks, i.e. 4 x 7 = 28. Except for February in a non-leap year, every extra month is one to three days longer, and this diversity has to be taken into account. For example, 24 weeks equal to exactly 5 and a half months, not to 6 (24 / 4 = 6).

Week Month

Week Month

Week Month Conversion Table

Week measurements converted to months
Weeks Months
1 wk 0.229984 mo
2 wk 0.459968 mo
3 wk 0.689953 mo
4 wk 0.919937 mo
5 wk 1.1499 mo
6 wk 1.3799 mo
7 wk 1.6099 mo
8 wk 1.8399 mo
9 wk 2.0699 mo
10 wk 2.2998 mo
11 wk 2.5298 mo
12 wk 2.7598 mo
13 wk 2.9898 mo
14 wk 3.2198 mo
15 wk 3.4498 mo
16 wk 3.6797 mo
17 wk 3.9097 mo
18 wk 4.1397 mo
19 wk 4.3697 mo
20 wk 4.5997 mo
21 wk 4.8297 mo
22 wk 5.0597 mo
23 wk 5.2896 mo
24 wk 5.5196 mo
25 wk 5.7496 mo
26 wk 5.9796 mo
27 wk 6.2096 mo
28 wk 6.4396 mo
29 wk 6.6695 mo
30 wk 6.8995 mo
31 wk 7.1295 mo
32 wk 7.3595 mo
33 wk 7.5895 mo
34 wk 7.8195 mo
35 wk 8.0494 mo
36 wk 8.2794 mo
37 wk 8.5094 mo
38 wk 8.7394 mo
39 wk 8.9694 mo
40 wk 9.1994 mo



this week of the year

There is in no way like a burger! All things considered, perhaps a twofold burger is better! However, pause, toss some cheddar on that awful kid and you have yourself an epic burger! Exactly when a burger isn’t substantial or mushy enough the main activity is organization a twofold cheeseburger and on Double Cheeseburger Day you have each reason to appreciate this pinnacle of enjoyment!

Presently you could go out and request one of these manifestations or you could make it yourself and appreciate it considerably more! So in the event that you are capable here are a couple of things that you have to get so as to begin your very own creation!


1 lb ground hamburger, split into 4-oz. patties

Burger buns

Crisp tomato

Crisp lettuce

White onion, cut flimsy

American cheddar (or cheddar of decision)

Impartial oil, for cooking

Salt and pepper

Burger Sauce

1/4 cup mayonnaise

2 tablespoon ketchup

1 tablespoon sweet pickle relish

Run of Worcestershire sauce

Prepared to get your hands substantial?


Start with the burger sauce, whisk the sauce fixings together and store in the ice chest until required.

Prep your tomatoes, lettuce and onions.

Partition ground hamburger into 4 slender patties (4 oz. each). They ought to be slender, so they cook rapidly.

In a huge skillet or on a frying pan over medium-high warmth, include a shower of impartial oil and include the meat patties.

Press down on patties delicately, so they structure an outside layer on the base. Cook for around 3 minutes.

Season patties with salt and pepper.

Flip patties and cook for another 2-3 minutes to get done with cooking patties. Top every patty with American cheddar, or cheddar of your decision.

To collect burgers, toast the buns and smear a major spoonful of burger sauce on the base bun.

Top with tomato, lettuce, one cheddar cut, a cut of onion, a subsequent patty, and the bun topper.

Alternatively, wrap up the burger in material paper to help counteract trickling! Eat right away!

See not excessively difficult to make a wonderful twofold cheeseburger! You can likewise adjust this formula to be vegan well disposed, simply get your hand on so exquisite bigger level mushrooms and have them rather than the meat patties! In the event that you do make your very own remember to impart it to us over on our Facebook page!

year how many weeks

Cool, either my unpalatably clickbaity title really worked or you simply partner yourself enough with me to feel committed to peruse all that I distribute on the web (much obliged, Mom, I love you).

Anyway, on October 27, 2016, I moved myself to fill one page of a medium-sized note pad with composing for each day of the resulting year. It didn’t really need to be one passage composed each day, there simply must be 365 pages before 365 days’ over. I gave a valiant effort to compose each back to back day, however it simply wasn’t sensible with my bustling calendar/general apathy.

“Along these lines, fundamentally, you kept a journal.”

Indeed and no. The aim of this was not to report the commonplace situation of a mid-twenties millennial (Buzzfeed has that pretty bolted up), however to eventually make progressively content for my blog. You know, sports-related, chest-knocking athlete stuff.

I figured composing each day for a year would result in any event ten new blog entries, in this manner expanding my chances of turning into a viral sensation. Similarly as with everything else in my life, I figured exceptionally off-base. What I got in that year was two measly blog entries — a fourth of what I wrenched out in the four months going before. Not extraordinary. On the off chance that I had a report card, it would state “Pursues bearings, however battles with execution.” It would likewise say “interruption to other people” since that is on the entirety of my report cards.

Despite the fact that I just distributed two, I drafted likely a hundred. A hundred silly sports takes I esteemed unfit for your making a decision about eyes. As the Italian Stallion (Rocky Balboa, not me — reasonable stir up) once said about the web, “It’s an extremely mean and frightful spot, and I couldn’t care less how intense you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there for all time in the event that you let it.” At least I feel that is the thing that he was discussing.

“In the event that there were just a hundred games online journals, what did you expound on for the other 265 days?”

I’m happy you asked (you presumably didn’t, yet this is my blog and I make the principles).

In the other 265 days, I drafted introductory letters for many occupations I didn’t get and expressions of gratitude for the one I did. I composed a Father’s Day card and a Maid of Honor discourse (multiple times over). I composed jokes I won’t tell and letters I’ll never send. I began a novel you’d toss out, a screenplay you’d give a horrible Rotten Tomatoes survey and a bunch of lyrics that would make you call my mother since you’re “only somewhat worried” about my prosperity.

On days I didn’t have a clue what to compose, I composed my main tune verses, again and again and over once more. You know the sort, the ones you identify with on an existential level — “I like Kevin Bacon, however I loathe Footloose.”

LFO’s Summer Girls, duh.

While there are a couple of brilliant spots, most of it is absolute trash — stuff you’d preferably get slammed in the shins with a shopping basket than read. There are so not many of those 365 sections that have any hugeness whatsoever. I’d preferably consume them over read them once more, and I’ll most likely do only that.

Me needing to consume every last bit of it isn’t exactly the result I expected, however I’m as yet happy I proceeded with this. I was scrutinizing Twitter recently when I saw #WhyIWrite was slanting. I had been feeling somewhat wore out, yet perusing these tweets reminded me why I moved myself to do this and why I’ll keep on doing it past 365 days.

Above all else, I compose on the grounds that I have a ton to state and individuals will regularly just humor me vis-à-vis for such a long time. Clear paper humors me all damn day.

I compose on the grounds that I’m a stickler and this is the main spot where everything is in my control. All things considered, there’s no returning to swap what I said for something increasingly clever/impactful/compassionate/the entirety of the abovementioned. There’s no editing and altering out all the unbalanced, obtuse and out and out dumb things that leave my mouth (when my foot isn’t now in it, that is).

In any case, for the most part, I compose in light of the fact that a ton of crap occurs throughout everyday life and this is the main way I realize how to try and attempt to understand it. I’m never going to have precisely the correct words to depict the highs, the lows and everything in the middle of — and I’m alright with that. I’ll continue attempting in any case since that is who I am. I may not be great at such a large number of things, yet damn it in the event that I don’t make a decent attempt.

year in weeks

I love getting some answers concerning new days and going out and looking into as much as I can about them and how they became yet this is one of only a handful hardly any days that in a flash caught my heart. In spite of the fact that Ada herself is kick ass what the day speaks to is stunning – Women in Science and Technology. I love seeing the festival get greater and greater consistently and getting increasingly more in the general population eye. I need to state it my preferred Day being a lady in the tech world and SEO industry is stunning to perceive what we bring to the game.

Conceived in 1815, Ada Lovelace worked together with creator Charles Babbage on his broadly useful registering machine, the Analytical Engine. In 1843, Lovelace distributed what we would now call a PC program to create Bernoulli Numbers. While Babbage had composed pieces of projects previously, Lovelace’s was the most complete, generally intricate and the primary distributed.

All the more critically, Lovelace was the primary individual to predict the imaginative capability of the Engine. She clarified how it could accomplish such a great deal more than simply figure numbers, and might make music and workmanship, given the correct programming and information sources. Her vision of figuring’s potential outcomes was unrivaled by any of her companions and went unrecognized for a century. Peruse our life story of Lovelace to discover more!

She was progressive in her day and was significant in the formation of one of the most exceptional bits of innovation of the day. The vast majority still feel that the tech world is a young men club however everything began with ladies and this stunning woman was one of it pioneers!

weeks of the year

As an entrepreneur, you may comprehend the significance of running a standard blog, yet the truth of doing so can feel increasingly like running a ceaseless long distance race. Concocting new blog thoughts is one of the most well-known barriers for business bloggers. On the off chance that this seems like you, never dread! CEM is here, with approaches to start new blog thoughts paying little respect to your industry. We’ve utilized the months of the year for season-explicit motivation. Thus, set away your reasoning top and locate your next blog thought… directly here!


January is a period for fresh starts. Concentrate your blog on the subject of “time to move on to better things.” Mix it up by consolidating realities or data about how your individual organization fared a year ago, just as your huge designs during the current year! Thoughts include:

New Year’s Day (first)

New Year’s goals posts

Recap of a year ago’s best minutes

National Hobby Month

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (third Monday of January)

National Get to Know Your Customers Day (third Thursday of the quarter)


The briefest month of the year can give a respite to week by week or every day bloggers – one you can use to conceptualize new subjects for the next month! February may be short, however there’s no absence of extraordinary substance motivation, for example,

Dark History Month

Valentine’s Day (fourteenth)

Groundhog Day (second)

More secure Internet Day (first Tuesday of the month)

Fat Tuesday (day before Ash Wednesday)

National Random Acts of Kindness Day (seventeenth)

President’s Day (third Monday of the month)


Assist perusers with inviting spring and grasp the finish of winter with occasional posts and an attention on getting out the messiness. Hotspots for thoughts include:

First Day of Spring

Spring errands/spring cleaning

St. Patrick’s Day (seventeenth)

National Women’s History Month

Universal Women’s Day (eighth)

National Nutrition Month


Show your organization’s character with an entertaining April Fool’s Day post on the first – at that point tail it with important articles about things occurring on the planet in April. They include:


World Health Day (seventh)

National Pet Day (eleventh)

National Tax Day (fifteenth)

National Earth Day (22nd)


Summer is practically around the bend and your perusers will be on edge to begin their mid year get-aways! Keep things peppy and positive, helping perusers grasp the hotter season. Commend significant May days, for example,

National Military Appreciation Month

National Mental Health Awareness Month

National Bike Month

Cinco de Mayo (fifth)

Educator Appreciation Day (Tuesday of May’s initially entire week)

Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May)

National Rescue Dog Day (twentieth)

Remembrance Day (last Monday in May)


June is the ideal month to post about mid year, the warmth, lawn grills, and school break for kids. You can likewise expound on:

Prescribed For You

Webcast, November 27th: Why Podcasting is the Ultimate ABM Strategy